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Crypto-Token Backed by
Colombian Emeralds

Join the revolution of digital assets

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World-Class Asset

Colombian Emeralds are an excellent store of value due to their beauty and scarcity.

100% Backed

GEMERAs are fully backed by Colombian Emeralds, stored in secure vaults.


Gemera Token and Marketplace are based on Blockchain.


No middleman. Very limited supply. 20x scarcer than diamonds.


GEMERAs can be tradeable in exchanges or transferred instantly to compatible wallets.


GEMERAs can be redeemed for emeralds through the projects marketplace.

GEMERA Project

A perfect combination between emerald industry and blockchain revolution

GEMERA is made up of a group of entrepreneurs and reputable emerald producers who work together to drive innovation in the Colombian emerald industry.

The project provides a crypto-token backed by Colombian emeralds that applies blockchain technology to create tokens that can be used for investors as a store of value or as a tradeable digital asset.

GEMERA is also compromised on the development of social and environmental projects carried out in the emerald extraction process and the communities around the mines.




Specialized gem laboratories certify the emeralds.


Emerald stock is subject to an annual audit, performed by a third party company.

Decentralized Marketplace

Blockchain-based marketplace platform to store information of the emeralds in stock.

Colombian Emeralds

Meet the Process of Colombian Emerald Mining

  • Emeralds are excellent as a store of value due to a set of different factors: physical attributes, scarcity and even the historical background. The most famous come from Colombia, which has dominated the international trade for almost five centuries.

  • Colombian emeralds stand out for their perfect saturation, unique shine, and vivid color.

  • The environmental footprint of emerald mining is lower in comparison to other types of mining, because it is a manual process, and no mercury or cyanide is necessary for it.

Traditional Vs GEMERA

Store of Value
No Middleman
Marketplace with decentralized information
Partial and small investments
Tradeable and transferable in real time
Emerald Assessment Process
Incentives for small investments




PRE-SALE Sep 10 - Oct 24 2.000.000 20%
10.000.000 15%
PUBLIC SALE Oct 25 - Dec 12 20.000.000 10%
30.000.000 0%
Ticker Platform Softcap Hardcap ITO Rate Accepted Payment
GEMA ERC-20 500 K 30 Million 1 GEMA ≅ 1 USD ETH

Road Map

2017 - 2018

  • 2017 Q2

    The conception of the idea

    Research on the industry of Colombian emeralds

    Project Feasibility

  • 2017 Q3

    Partnership establishment with emerald producers

    Development of the financial structure and business model

  • 2017 Q4

    Construction of the Emerald Assessment Process

    Smart contract, webpage and marketplace development

  • 2018 Q1

    White Paper publication

    Certification, assessment, shipping and storage of the first batch of emeralds

  • 2018 Q2

    Marketing strategy planning

    Fundraising campaign

  • 2018 Q3

    Private Token Generation Event

    Execution of marketing strategy

    Pre-Token Generation Event

2018 - 2019

  • 2018 Q4

    Public Token Generation Event

    Exchange integration

    Incorporation of new members to GEMERA�s team

  • 2019 Q1

    Certification, assessment, transport, and storage of emeralds to back all tokens issued at the first Token Generation Event.

  • 2019 Q2

    Integration with new exchanges

    Development of Blockchain repository of emeralds certificates and audit reports

  • 2019 Q3

    Audit of the stored emeralds

    GEMERA�s redemption period

    Second Token Generation Event

  • 2019 Q4

    Corporate Social Responsibility Report

    Certification, assessment, transport, and storage of emeralds to back all tokens issued at the Second Token Generation Event.

  • 2020 +

    Yearly Public Token Generation Events until 2029



GIA Interviews Edwin Molina, Advisor at GEMERA

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Gemera: the Emerald Path to Crypto Success

What if we told you that there is a way to use the advantages of blockchain technology to invest in precious gemstones? Indeed, the novel crypto token Gemera combines the innovation of blockchains with a traditional store-of-value gem: the Colombian emerald.

Introduction to Gemera

Gemera is an innovative cryptocurrency that launched in 2018, after the idea for it was born a year prior. Unlike many crypto coins, the value of the Gemera token is not based purely on market speculation. Instead, this cryptocurrency is physically backed by Colombian emeralds.

Because this type of gemstone is in limited supply, it has remained at a high value for many years. With emeralds backing Gemera, this crypto token works similarly to a stablecoin and offers a good store of value.

Why Colombian Emeralds?

Almost 90% of the world’s emeralds come from Colombian mines. The fact that this gemstone isn’t found almost anywhere else in the world is a testament to its rarity. In fact, emeralds are in even more limited supply than diamonds.

But even on their own, Colombian emeralds are a remarkable asset. They are famous for their beauty, purity, and rarity. Just like gold, Colombian emeralds are a precious good perfectly suited to be a store of value for investors worldwide.

Thanks to Gemera, people can invest in gemstones without physically owning them. Moreover, since the token is backed by real emeralds, its value can remain stable over time. This lower volatility makes Gemera a more reliable investment option than most cryptocurrencies.

What’s more, Gemera investors can redeem their tokens for actual Colombian emeralds if they decide. That means you can easily turn your digital investment into physical goods you can enjoy or sell.

Gemera: Key Advantages

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there, each presenting its own potentially profitable opportunities. So what makes Gemera different? Here are some of the main benefits of investing in this crypto token:

  • Reliable store-of-value: backed by Colombian emeralds, Gemera has low volatility and a steady trend.
  • Blockchain innovation: investing in emeralds via the Gemera cryptocurrency is easier than trying to purchase emeralds outright.
  • No intermediaries: The blockchain handles investments directly, so customers don’t need to waste time and money on mediators.
  • Versatility: you can trade Gemera tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges or redeem them for physical emeralds.
  • Trustworthiness: all emeralds are verified for authenticity. Moreover, third-party organisations monitor the production and supply of emeralds periodically. As a result, Gemera tokens are backed up by real assets.

The Gemera Project and Sustainability

The mining of any gemstone is an activity that always raises a few red flags. However, customers don’t need to worry about these issues when using or investing in Gemera.

This cryptocurrency actually launched in partnership with emerald producers from Colombia. The collective behind Gemera has stated that it remains committed to the betterment of the emerald mining industry. In particular, they aim to make mining conditions better and minimise the impact of emerald mining on the environment through various projects.

Even without the help of the Gemera project, emerald mining is far more sustainable than the production of other gemstones. It doesn’t involve the use of harsh, toxic chemicals like cyanide, and remains mostly a manual process.

The time and care it takes to extract emeralds help explain why this gemstone remains so valuable. If you think about sustainable versus mass-produced clothing, you will know that the former is usually considerably more expensive.

The same goes for mining. By relying on slower, more environmentally-friendly mining techniques, the supply of emeralds cannot increase too rapidly. This ensures that the gems remain rare, keeping their price high.


There is a long process that an emerald goes through the value chain, from its discovery in Colombian mines to the final holder, which derives in several problems for both the investors and the producers, as specified below:

Problems on the Investor�s Side:

  • High prices.
  • Investing in emeralds can be complicated and risky without an adequate knowledge about them.
  • Partial and small investments are not possible.
  • Lack of trust on the emeralds origin.

Problems on the Producer�s Side:

  • Receive less than 35% of the final customer retail price due to many intermediaries.
  • Difficulty to expand to new markets.
What is the problem GEMERA intends to solve with its project?
GEMERA is one step ahead of the new tendency of tokenization of assets, as it is a project that provides a token backed by a scarce and a desired asset, that can also be used for trading and that can be redeemed for the very emeralds they represent. Also, the whole project will transform the distribution chain of emeralds, connecting producers and final customers, through a crypto-token that can be traded or used as a store of value.
Why is GEMERA a revolutionary project?

Through the tokenization of emeralds, GEMERA wants to help the market expand significantly, and increase the demand worldwide, making it a more democratic, transparent and accessible investment. However, as the supply of emeralds is limited, their price is expected to rise.

Also, as part of the philosophy and purpose of GEMERA is to carry out social and environmental initiatives with part of the project funds, investors will have the opportunity to indirectly contribute to the sustainable development of the communities near the emerald mines.

Why should an investor consider participating in GEMERA?

GEMERA project takes approximately three months after every Token Generation Event (TGE) ends to store the emeralds that back the tokens in a security vault of a safe deposit box company.

How long does GEMERA take to store the emeralds that back the tokens?
  • GEMERAs can be converted into fiat or cryptocurrencies in exchanges (this option is not available in the early stage of the GEMERA Project, and its success depends on the integration with exchanges).
  • GEMERAs can be transferred to compatible wallets instantly.
  • GEMERAs can be redeemed for emeralds.
How can GEMERA token be used?

The emeralds can be delivered to the country of residence of the investor or can be collected directly at the place where the gemstones are stored.

How to redeem GEMERA's for emeralds?

It is a website ( with the information of each one of the emeralds stored in a safety vault of safe deposit box companies worldwide and ready to be redeemed with GEMERAs. The information of the emeralds includes name, characteristics, price in GEMERAs, and certification, as well as a 360� video, photographs from different angles and traceability decentralized records from the origin of the gemstones.

What is the marketplace?

No. Whenever the GEMERA holders want to redeem their tokens for emeralds, they can visit the marketplace ( to find the ones they want to acquire in accordance to the number of GEMERAs they would like to redeem.

Are my GEMERA tokens directly linked to a specific emerald?

GEMERA has along with gemologists and experts in fine Colombian emeralds developed an Emerald Assessment Process, a model that considers color, clarity, carat, enhancement, weight and cut to determine the quality of the emeralds and set up the price.

How is the value of the emeralds in GEMERAs determined?

The GEMERA Project focuses on the transparency of the process throughout its value chain: the origin, the selection of the emeralds, the certification every stone must have, the storage, how the emeralds quality and its value in GEMERA tokens are determined, and how the holders can redeem them, among other aspects of equal importance.

Therefore, each emerald is exhibited in GEMERA Projects marketplace (, along with the name of the safe deposit box company it is stored at. An audit process will take place to guarantee the existence, origin, and characteristics of the emeralds.

How can I be sure the emeralds are stored in a safe deposit box company?
The GEMERA tokens have to be acquired with Ether (ETH), the Ethereum cryptocurrency, following the instructions on
How can I acquire GEMERAs in a Token Generation Event (TGE)?
Emeralds will be stored in security vaults of safe deposit box companies that meet the security standards of storing this type of asset. The first batch of these stones is stored in the Malca-Amit facilities in Hong Kong.
Where are the emeralds stored?
Currently, GEMERA will enable only one redemption period per year. As the project grows, more annual redemption periods will be considered.
When can the GEMERA tokens be redeemed for emeralds?